Well, sorry for randomly disappearing. Totally did not mean to do that, but okay. My birthday was on the 14th and it kind of became a week-long celebration because I went out with different people to celebrate (Three words: Age. Of. Ultron. Mark Ruffalo and RDJ get me every time. Holy cow.) and I rode on Saturday evening. It was a really nice, relaxing ride. Red was on his best behavior and we got some really nice trot work in, but mostly just walked around and enjoyed the view. The arena area looks over the road onto the other pasture that our neighbor owns, so we watched their Arabian/QH mare gallop around for awhile and the sunset over the woods was gorgeous. Mom rode with me and Stormie did really well also. She does have a little issue with chomping at her bit when she gets stubborn and wants to do something that my mom isn’t asking for…mom does want to transition her to bitless so we’ll probably try a couple of my hacks on her next time. Jubilee will also get ridden next as long as we have time. She’s putting weight on really well now and it’s definitely time for her to get to a job.

Red is doing absolutely fantastic. He’s been very easy going and willing in the pasture and during work, and he is in the best shape he’s ever been in. His coat is shiny, he’s muscling up like crazy and he’s at a really good weight. Not too chubby. I’m really, really pleased with him right now. He turns 13 in 8 days, apparently hitting 13 has been good for him because he’s gotten really solid and matured a lot in the last few months.

I mean seriously. Look at his butt.

In the photo I posted above, please ignore my shoes. Definitely not a good barn choice but I had been working all day and didn’t expect to go up there so early, I would’ve put boots on I knew I’d be going then. Please don’t wear these shoes around horses, definitely not safe, lol!!

Well, our neighbors are going to have about a 5% chance of telling them apart now…

Red and Stormie have thankfully gotten over all of their little fights and love each other now, best buds. Red is super nice to her and Jubilee but he definitely prefers Stormie nowadays, which is fine because Jubilee is pretty solitary anyways and Stormie really, really craves attention.

Mom couldn’t be happier with her mare-face and I couldn’t be happier with my Apple Bottomed Boy. (new nickname courtesy of a friend, I like it.)

I’m planning on riding again sometime this week, and hopefully lunging in the arena area on the line. And fingers crossed I’ll have time to tack up Juby for her first real ride in the arena. 🙂

Farrier comes out on the 1st of June. 🙂


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