All I can say is…thank you all for being patient whilst I waited for the go-ahead to post, because I definitely wasn’t.

Everyone, meet our newest addition, “Badger’s She Might” AKA, Stormie. 🙂

It’s official, she’s ours. We had her on trial for a little while to see if she would fit in, and admittedly…we came extremely close to sending her back. We literally called her old owner, a friend of ours, telling her that we’d give her one more day and if she was still bad, she’d leave. For the first 3 days, she ran the fence like she was insane, nonstop, until she was so exhausted she had to stop. She tried biting us and was even slightly aggressive in the pasture. Weird, considering that’s definitely not how she acted for our friend or when we met her the first time. We couldn’t figure it out, but then we realized that it was all about the Quarab mare across the street – Stormie had been with a grey Arab just like her for years, and she was convinced that she knew her. Plus, she was terrified of the other horses. Red was a saint with her, and Jubilee was pretty aggressive for the first little while, but finally…she settled down.

She immediately took to mom – I’ve never seen a horse act like she does. She will follow mom around everywhere, the second she see’s her, she’s running up to her, she tries getting in the car with her. And her biggest quirk, she will run up to you, butt first, for butt scratches.

Every evening…

Mom couldn’t be happier with her. The first ride was meh, she was having issues but we realized she didn’t like the rope girth so we switched it out to a neoprene and she’s perfect. She has a nice, slow, smooth trot, a beautiful canter and an amazing gallop. The best part of it is, mom feels 100% comfortable to go racing in the fields without having to worry about her throwing a buck or bolting off. She rides in an O-Ring snaffle but we may try to go bitless later on. She’ll go western or english, a friend of mine visited and tacked her up english which was most likely her first time, and she was amazing – looked like she belonged in a HUS class.

She’s great on the trails!

This is her pedigree, which I know nothing about. I don’t see any horses that I recognize right off the bat, but I was told she’s running and cow bred. I was really expecting a lot of TB blood or at least racing lines, because now that she’s gotten more muscle and beefed up, she seriously looks more Thoroughbred. But she seems to be foundation bred.

She’ll be mom’s trail buddy for years to come. I’m sure they’ll dabble in a lot of different things. Mom has said that she’d like to get some barrels and poles set up in our arena once it’s done just for fun, so they’ll just have fun at home. 🙂 super excited that I can talk about her and that we’ve got a permanent herd! All of the horses we have now, minus Cowboy who is for sale, will be here until they die. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Introducing…Stormie!”

  1. OMGosh! Yay! So happy y’all found her! It’s been driving me crazy that you kept alluding to her and I kept hoping the next post would announce her…….I’m not patient either! Haha. Welcome home Stormie! ☺


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