Updates & Exciting News!

First…the news. Although most of y’all would probably read about the new mare, I’m not quite to that point yet. But that’s coming soon. 😉 My exciting news is…I’ve started a photography business! Extremely small, just a side-job and something for me to enjoy. It’ll give me an excuse to be around horses more, and meet new people. I’ve started selling prints of my photos taken at various shows, and starting Mid to Late May, I’ll be booking photoshoots after my new way too expensive totally-worth-it camera gets here. I already have one shoot booked for a whole barn of people wanting a few candid and riding shots, and I’m pretty excited. 🙂 You can find my FB page here. I’m currently tweaking a few things, getting prices figured out, and uploading a few albums of photos. They admittedly aren’t the best right now, but I’m using an ancient camera with a terrible lense. I already have a camera in mind and two lenses, and the money saved. Not to mention, my parents have told me that they’ll pitch in for my birthday so that’ll give me a bit more to work with. My sister, being a professional photographer, is giving me pointers and helping out while this gets started. It’s been a project that I’ve been working on since last year and I’m looking forward to finally taking the step to getting this stuff done and official. 🙂

Photo from a session with my neighbors Quarab mare at liberty.
Photo from the last barrel race, taken on Saturday.

As far as updates go…pretty boring stuff happening. The horses are all doing great, no riding this weekend even though we planned to – Saturday was spent at a horse show and getting work done, Sunday’s are always crazy because of church. By the time we got home, it was too dark, but I did spend some time with Red at liberty, gave him a quick grooming and then got on Jubilee bareback for the first time ever. No photo evidence because it was so dark and I didn’t want to use flash and risk her freaking out. She acted like she had never been ridden bareback before and seemed very confused, but she was good nonetheless. No acting up, just kind of sat there staring at my boot like “Umm…where’s the saddle?”

We’re definitely riding this week, I’m hopefully riding Red and Jubilee both. Red will go first because he needs more work. Just going to hop on Jubilee to see what she’s got now that she’s at a decent enough weight. She’s really looking better now, in the last few weeks I can tell such a huge difference, and she’s definitely feeling better.

The moon was gorgeous last night. *can you spot the mare… haha!

The vet comes out on Wednesday to give vaccines and etc, then hopefully having a roping lesson this week or next. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Updates & Exciting News!”

  1. That’s so awesome! You pictures already look good without the new camera, so I think your ones with the new camera will look fantastic! Good luck with the business!


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