Getting To A Good Place.

First, I want to thank you guys for all of the sweet comments in my last post. 🙂 We all go through rough times with horses and I’ve definitely been trying to crawl out of one, and the support from y’all is really important to me. I have a handful of horse friends that are close to me, but sadly we don’t have much in common – a lot of the local folks are “horse flippers” meaning if they get in a rough spot, they have nothing wrong with selling the horse and moving on. And I definitely can’t do that, nor would I. Y’all understand how I feel about Red so it’s nice not to just hear, “Maybe he’s not the horse.” because he is the horse.

I think I’ve realized what our number 1 problem is right now – he has so much pent up energy. Despite all of his small issues this year (thrush, sweet itch, hives..geeze, horse.) he has really felt good. I bought him a fly sheet the other day, tweaked my fly spray recipe and ditched a couple things that I think caused the hives, and also talked to my BM to see if she remembered him doing this. Sure enough, she said yup, first part of last year and the year before, he broke out in small hives. She even asked the vet about it, she said it’s typical for a sweet itch horse. Sure enough, they went away. And they are definitely slowly going away now as well. He’s way more comfortable now that he has his fly sheet and the spray is working better, which means he’s just a happy horse. He’s totally sound, farrier came the other day and said his hooves look totally perfect and he thinks the thrush was just a fluke thing honestly, and that he’s all good now. His arthritis isn’t bad at all right now, he’s getting good food, good grass, he’s in with an amazing herd right now…I don’t blame him for being happy. He has so much energy that he’s a little pushier on the lead, not in a bad or aggressive way but more of a “Hey, I want to WORK or do something other than just stand here or walk slowly, K?” and under saddle, I just have to hold him back a little and give him a few warnings and he’s good. He needs one thing, and that’s work. Our round pen is almost done, we just need one more load of “rock” (super crushed gravel, vet recommended it. It’s like sand but cheaper, ha.) and we’re set. I can’t wait to let him in there and just let him run his heart out. Not to mention, it’ll give me a place where I’m totally confident under saddle until we get those spring funnies out of his system. And, a place to lunge since pony hates the lunge line, as do I, and does better lunging in a round pen or arena.

But hey, almost May and his tail is still intact!

Yesterday we had a groundwork session on the lead, and I admittedly started on a bad note. I expected him to be full of himself, and of course, he was. Not bad, just enough to irritate me. After a few minutes of walking back and forth to get him to slow down, he finally realized that I wasn’t going to make him lunge or do anything huge, just walk with me, and he calmed down enough to where I was content, I rubbed his head and let him loose, expecting him to dart off considering he’d had his ears perked to the woods (AKA his favorite place.) the whole time. I walked away to put the lead away and realized…oh hey, he’s behind me. And he kept coming. Just following me. I didn’t ask him to join me at all, and I let him know that he was done with work for the day, but he still came over and we walked a few paces together. As cheesy as this may sound – he hasn’t done this in weeks. Not since the grass started popping up, honestly. His mind has been on FOODDDDD or his new mare friend, not me. So this made me ridiculously happy. He chose to settle down for me and join up with me entirely on his own and ditched his hay and grass.

And his mane is still there, too!

So I left the barn on that good note, and then my mother went up later on to help my step-father work on something. She parked the van way down the driveway away from the barn, and said Red was in the stall and saw her. He whinnied and she expected him to just beg for food, as usual, but he literally flat out ran down the driveway, looking everywhere until he saw the car, and looked in the windows. She called me at this moment and said, “Oh my gosh, Red is going crazy looking for you in the car!” She was totally convinced that he was searching for me, considering he went straight to where I always go and was nickering. He went to my typical spots and couldn’t find me.

It’s things like that, that make hard times way easier to get through. 😉

We’re gonna be good:)

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