Ground Work/Updates for April.

So, in the last few weeks, Red has been extremely fresh. Not bad by any means, but he’s had a couple moments. We’ve worked through it, but for some reason, we just kept clashing in the last few days. And today, I realized that all of my time with him has either been punishing him for being bad (ex: chasing the horse we have on trial, being barn sour, etc.) or working. Red and I both need time together on the ground – whether it be playing at liberty or just taking a walk together after dinner. And I hadn’t done that in a long time because of how busy we’ve been with Spirit leaving, new horse coming and etc. So today, I hooked a lead on him and we were off.

Houston, we have grass.
Yucky, overcast day.

He was lazy coming down the trail to the front pasture, but once we got down there he relaxed. Considering he normally gets hay after dinner and is impatient, I thought he’d be way worse. We walked around for awhile and unhooked the lead after a bit to see if he’d join up, and of course, he did. He’s such a great horse with a wonderful mind once you tap into it. I’ve felt bad not spending enough good time with him, he needed a relaxing break just as much as I did.

Red’s constant expression. (also, I laughed like crazy over the comments I got on Instagram after posting this, no his ears aren’t pinned and angry. This is Red’s “oh good gosh I’m sleepy pet me and love me” expression.)

Our round pen is officially halfway done – we had a guy come out and fix up the ground this week, so now we just need to put good soft footing down and set the panels up. It’s going to be way bigger than the one at our old barn, I’m looking forward to lots of groundwork and liberty in my near future. 🙂

And a bit of health update for April – Jubilee is doing great but having some issues with diarrhea ever since the green grass popped up, so we’re keeping an eye on her diet and grass intake and we’ll ask the vet when she comes out at the end of this month. So far her weight gain is going great. She’s shedding like mad, so excuse that.

Now just to get that topline filled out!

Red is also doing wonderful – no more thrush, farrier comes out on the 20th so I’m eager to have him take a look and clean him up. The little wound on his lip is gone as well. He’s keeping his weight way better than he has in the last two winters we’ve had him, super happy with how he’s looked. He needs more muscle, but compared to what he looked like last year/we haven’t been able to work much up until last week, I’m happy with how he’s going.

He rolled right after I brushed him, thanks dude.

If the rain stops soon, we’re going to be moving to lunging 1-2 times a week and hopefully riding at least once a week or twice. Light work load compared to many, but it’ll do him good. 🙂 And join up much more than we’ve been doing.


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