Hill Work Time!

I had a crazy week. On Thursday I got a root canal (thank God, no more painful tooth) and then a friend of mine who I actually met on Instagram about a year back came into my neck of the woods and we met up for dinner. Yet another perk of having horses – without them, I wouldn’t have met any of the cool people that are in my life right now. We visited again on Friday, when they came to the barn and met the horses, but sadly it was too dark to ride by then so we hoped for no rain so we could ride on Saturday. Red got ridden Thursday for about 30+ minutes while mom tried settling things with another horse (more info later.) and we did a lot of walk/trot. Friday he got a break, Saturday was a long day for him. 😉 We ended up being able to ride, so my friend, we’ll call her B, tacked up the Other Horse to see if she would be good. She had been having some issues under saddle for her first ride at home so we were curious if the english saddle would make any difference for her. She rode on a super loose rein and did great, walk/trot/canter, did some cantering up the hills and she was totally polite other than wanting to eat on the trails with longer grass. She played with the bit a little but nothing bad, she’s in an O-Ring snaffle right now.

Red got lots of trotting in, he jogged almost the whole first half up the hills and through the trails and was very fresh. We did a lot of hill work and I went around a few extra times. We don’t have any huge hills, but enough for a good work out. Then, we crossed over to the flat stretch in the hay field to see if the Other Horse would canter. She did, albeit a little lazily, and Red was great at the canter. It was our first time cantering since…man, I don’t even know how long. It’s been so muddy and with me being sick and him being lame, it was either too dangerous to do it on our footing or we didn’t feel good enough to do it. My legs felt tired after the first few laps so we got in a bit more jog and I tried it again for a longer period, went into two-point and got myself ready before he switched gaits again, that time it was much smoother. His canter is still rough, but I do think all of the trot work and getting into shape has helped the canter a bit.

My one stirrup felt way too short and I think when they were stolen someone messed with it because it definitely wasn’t that way before. 😛 I hate adjusting western stirrups.

We walked them out a bit and cooled them off, Red was sweating a little but the Other Horse was totally cool still, she’s definitely in great shape right now. Then we untacked and B wanted a chance to sit on the famous Red and feel his trot. He was pretty cool still so we hooked reins on his bronc halter and she hopped up. He was stubborn at first but she has a much better seat than I do bareback and was able to control him before he got bad, and then went to the flatter area for some trot. He did really well with her and she declared that it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be, even with her asking for no collection, just some easy trot. She didn’t bounce at all so I’m hoping his trot is really getting that much better and it’s not just my imagination. 😉

Then, we tacked up yesterday to see how the Other Horse would do in western. She was acting very cinchy with the regular rope girth, and I remembered that B used her neoprene english girth, so I grabbed my neoprene western girth that we’d gotten for Red when he was having cinch issues and tried that. And perfect pony was back, mom hopped on and she was wonderful. Red was pretty barn sour and wanting to Jubilee, but he was good, too. We just walked, no trot, and did lot of standing since he was being barn sour so that he would have to learn to be more patient. By the end of the ride he’d gotten settled down much better. We went around the hay field again and then to the front pasture. It was super hot anyways so we didn’t want to do much. We rode for about an hour, then untacked and got them cooled off and fed. Next time we ride, Jubilee will get tacked up. 🙂 Red gets a couple days off since he’s had a long 4 days of either lunging or riding, and I don’t want to rush him back into work since he’s still kind of a fatty right now.

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