Back To Work!

Red and I tacked up again to ride for the second time since November. I had a root canal about an hour before and was super numb, so I didn’t want to push myself too much. I was planning on another just-walk ride, not trotting, even though I desperately wanted to, I was concerned that I would over work myself. We did a lot of standing around because of mom trying to get tack set up and etc for another horse. He was super sleepy being groomed and tacked but he definitely came to life when I asked him to move off. We walked down to the bottom pasture until it got too muddy about halfway and turned back, he was being pretty fresh at this point but I stuck to just walking and he listened well. We’ve been working a bit more on him stopping as soon as I ask as opposed to being barn sour or herd sour and walking past my cue, and he did better today than he has been with that, for sure. But then…we were wrapping up and he was being an angel but asking for a trot…

So, we compromised. I asked him for a nice slow jog, and he delivered. Holy cow, I’m so proud of this horse. I feel like I say it every post now when I ride, but seriously. The improvement is just amazing to me. He’s so willing now and works so hard for me, and his jog has improved well, let’s face it…he didn’t have a jog before. And he’s just utterly amazing. I know I can feel a difference, hopefully y’all can see it as much as I can! 🙂

Right now, I want to work on these things-

  • Headset. I’d like for him to use his neck a bit better.
  • Hind-End. While he’s using his hindquarters 90% better than before, he needs to polish up with that and use himself more.
  • Posting. I need to work on posting the trot still, I’m better than I was but I’ve got a ways to go.

Hopefully this Summer we’ll have lots of time to work on those things! 🙂


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