TOABH- 18 on The 18th

Another great hop to celebrate Archie’s birthday! (:

Eighteen on the Eighteenth.
In honor of Archie’s 18th birthday, tell me 18 things you love about your horse*.

1.) I love his calm, loving personality.

2.) I love his conformation.

3.) I love how much he tries for me, no matter what we’re doing.

4.) I love how reliable he is.

5.) I love how he always, always sticks up for the horses that can’t fight back in the pasture. He takes our rescues in and becomes their herd leader.

6.) I love that he always whinnies for me and comes over to greet me.

7.) I love that he’s so versatile.

8.) I love that he’s taught me so much.

9.) I love that through us both getting better, we’ve never stopped being a good team. I’ve never aged off of him, he’s never been too much for me.

10.) I love his little stripe and snip that he gets in the winter.

11.) I love his hugs that he gives me every day.

12.) I love his crooked, imperfect little tail.

13.) I love his trot, because it’s something we’ve improved so much on together.

14.) I love that he lets me snuggle with him, no matter what he’s doing.

15.) I love that he’s picked me to be his main handler. He shows his disinterest or unhappiness when someone else decides to work with him, but he’s always a star for me.

16.) I love how kind he is.

17.) I love that he was a hidden treasure and I got to discover it.

18.) I love every single thing about him – his imperfections, his arthritis, his sweet itch, the things that irritate me the most, and challenge me the most, because every part of him has taught me something huge and important.


6 thoughts on “TOABH- 18 on The 18th”

  1. Nice! He sounds like such a great horse. šŸ™‚ Also I rode western and tried western trail course a couple days ago(and will again this weekend) and it was fun!


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