Catching My Break.

The day Spirit left, I tacked up. You see, I’ve been slightly super nervous about getting back on my horse ever since,

  1. He got thrush and got lame. (Oh gosh what if he’s not sound enough and I hurt him?!)
  2. He got sound but then got supa fresh. (Oh gosh what if  he bucks again?!)
  3. He got a tiny ulcer on his lip and I was convinced it was stomatitis. (Oh my gosh what if he’s sick and I’m the worst owner ever for riding him anyways?!) PS: totally wasn’t stomatitis.

As you can tell, I’m an extremely emotional/anxious person. Pair this with a terrible beginning of 2015 with just everything, I was convinced that my awesome year was going to be doomed.

PSS: It’s all good.

So, I got on. I tacked up, pony was perfect. I mounted up, pony was perfect. I nudged him on, pony was perfect. We only walked, considering he hasn’t been in tack since like, November, plus I had an awful cold and didn’t feel like much. Since he’s been very fresh anyway, I didn’t want to push things. Next ride, we trot. And maybe canter. I’m feeling hopeful. I even swung the rope around his head a few times and he was great. Definitely a bit fresh and wanted to trot, but most importantly, he listened. And we had some  very nice collection going on in his neck. Nice, stretchy pony.

Not much to talk about riding wise, but next time, we’re getting back to work. 🙂

Also…more about that mare shall come in due time. I’m literally going crazy because I can’t post anything yet, but soon. 😀


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