Goodbye, Spirit!

We made a decision a couple weeks ago – we decided that Spirit needed a new home. It was one of the hardest decisions we’ve had to make in one way, but easy in another. He’s not fitting in, that’s just the simple answer for it. Around the time that we were contemplating it, I wrote a post about how it’s unfair to keep a horse that doesn’t fit with you, your riding style or discipline. He also needs to be worked at least once a week (pretty much at the very, very least.) and he doesn’t get along with our farrier. We love our farrier, and it’s a slightly sticky situation. Switching would not only be hard because there’s not many more good, reputable farriers around, but because we also are friends with him and many people who use him as a farrier. Spirit has always been mom’s horse, he’s not my type of horse at all, and we clash a lot. Plus, I have a horse that needs a lot of work as it is if we’re going to get where I want us to. My mom is 50+ and has health issues, if she were to come off of Spirit in one his moments, she would get hurt and have to go to the hospital because she can’t take pills. No Ibuprofen, no Tylenol, or else she has a gallbladder-like attack. Granted, you can fall off of any horse, Red bucking me off awhile back is just a reminder of that. But it’s silly to keep a horse that you have no connection with and is a spirited guy anyways. He is an amazing, beautiful horse, all that being said, he’s young. He needs training and someone that will work with him and have the ability to do so almost every day. 3 days after having a few ads on Facebook, a girl messaged us and told us her story – she had met Spirit a few years ago and wanted him as her first horse, but her mother said no because he was too much horse. Now, years later, she’s a great rider and even trains. She found his ad and flipped out, told me to text her and told me that she even still has photos of him on her computer and she was never able to forget about him.

Long story short, she spent two long evenings at our barn spending time with him, and she took him home yesterday evening.

Getting some very rare Spirit love.

It’s a bittersweet time for us, because on one hand, we couldn’t be happier with his new home. I don’t believe in consequences, I believe that some things are meant to be. I call it God’s will, you can call it fate or destiny…but there were so many things popping up with this girl that made it obvious. Spirit found his perfect home, and hopefully his forever home. I didn’t think I was going to cry or be that sad when he was loaded up, but once he got in that trailer, I couldn’t stop the tears. I kept thinking, not my horse, not my horse but yeah it’s hard impossible not to get attached to a horse you see every single day. Once he was gone, I worried about Red. We know that they’re attached at the hip, so this was my biggest worry. But luckily, Red seems to be attached to Jubilee now and misses him but I think he’ll be fine with some time. He did take off running and whinnying when we separated Jubilee and him for breakfast this morning, lol.

Oh mah gersh fat pony.

And in other news….a new mare is coming most likely this morning. But details later 😉


4 thoughts on “Goodbye, Spirit!”

  1. Things happen and at least you have his best interests at heart……THAT’S what matters and is important. You know what he needs and can’t provide it but instead of being selfish, you gave him a wonderful opportunity. 💜

    (On a different note, I sent you a FB message. It probably went to your “other” folder though and you’ll have to fish it out. ☺)


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