Back to Work!

Yesterday, I decided to put Red on the lunge line after he ate dinner to see how he looked at the trot. He’s been quite….fresh since the grass has started popping up, so he needed the work out anyways. It’s definitely time to get back to the grind. In the photos I’ll post below, I’m aware I’m holding the line and crop on the wrong side and fixed it right after these were taken. In the video that I’ll attempt to post later, you can literally hear me say, “I’m holding the line wrong dangit!” It’s been awhile since I’ve lunged with a line, especially one as long as this one, so it was a bit of a jumbled mess for the first 2-3 minutes while we got situated. 😉

Red is 100% sound. His trot looked fabulous, not any sign of him being lame or even tender. He was a total firecracker, though. He never bucked on the line, but he bunny-hopped a couple times before he settled down. He’s never been as good on the line so I expected a bit of a fuss from him. He did calm down really well, though. He acted like this last Spring to the point of me barely even being able to catch him until a few weeks of him getting his grass and settling down, so I’m not shocked. This year, he won’t be able to run away. He’s getting worked. 😉 Perks of having them home.

The car honked at him, which is what stirred him up. Right before his first little hop.
Settling down nicely. I need to get his head lowered a tad on the line and get his back rounded a bit more, but considering he hasn’t been worked or lunged in like a million years, I’m happy with it.

We did a bit of slow-work and jogging before we moved onto the extended trot. I’m super happy with how his trot is looking now. He moves into a beautiful extended trot totally naturally just with my cue, I don’t have to pester him into working for me now and collecting. It’s amazing how much he’s improved since last Spring. Despite him being fresh, he did work very well for me.

(just an FYI, I never hit him with the crop, this was when he was being fresh and I raised it a few feet away just so he saw it.)

I’m so happy with his trot. Seriously. Never thought this horse would ever move like this!

Difference, much?

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