Bucked Off (kind of)

Well, I think it’s safe to say my horse is sound again. He’s still a *tad* stiff at the trot but he’s comfortable. I made the rather stupid decision to hop on him bareback with a halter and the lead yesterday…stupid  me thought he would be fine even after months off, and while the other horses ran to the barn for hay…incorrect. 😉 he was stubborn yet good until we turned around towards the barn and I asked for another lap…he decided he wanted hay too, and promptly bucked and bunny hopped. I managed to sit the buck rather well and stayed on…but then, he started walking.

And then, I slid off.

I was quite close to falling, and my mom admitted to laughing slightly at it. I had grabbed a hold of his mane and accidentally slid off, it wasn’t really a fall, but it was close. On the brightside, we were on the softest ground and he was walking veryyyy slowly, so it wasn’t like it would be a terrible fall if I did come off. I sat down on the ground and laughed hysterically at how stupid I looked, and of course, my neighbors saw it. 😉 Then Red got walked. A lot. I really don’t blame him and it was stupid on my part, but he still needs to know that being bad is a no-no. He did feel great though, no signs of him ever being lame even when he went into a trot.

I reminded him that dry weather is almost here, and he won’t get to be lazy for much longer. 😉


3 thoughts on “Bucked Off (kind of)”

  1. Oh, Red! I agree with Lauren though, even the safest, calmest horses have their moments and it’s important to mind your melon.


  2. Yeah it’s nasty when that happens. I’ve been riding a good bit bareback lately and my biggest fear is him ducking out from under me. Not fun, but thankfully hasn’t happened recently!


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