Product Review: ToMorrow

I wasn’t planning on doing a review tonight, but hey, I’m a happy buyer right now.

Red’s thrush had improved but I wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted. He was still lame, and hobbling around even with the thrush medication (Thrush buster and the Farnam version.) So we decided to try a product that various people had recommended, ToMorrow.

It’s actually for cow mastitis, but apparently works just as good for thrush, if not better. You just apply it like any of the normal thrush medication in the hoof. It’s supposed to be pain free for the horse, which I was happy about because I knew the other medication stung his hoof when we first applied it. We got a box of 12 syringes for $40 at Tractor Supply, we used about a 3rd of one syringe but we could’ve probably used less. Red is okay with trimming and etc, but he’s been getting worse with applying the medication since it does sting, once he realized it didn’t hurt he was much better.

We applied it around 3:30 and I went to check on him around 7:00 this evening, and I was absolutely amazed with the results. He was still a little gimpy when he tried walking faster or up hills, but he was 99% better and mom and I were stunned. You could barely even tell that he was ever lame.

We’re keeping him on it for at least a week, then we’ll do every other day for a little while to make sure it doesn’t come back, along with cleaning it twice or so a day until the mud clears up. I think Red is well on his way to being sound again, thanks to ToMorrow. It’s early to tell, I know, but considering he was limping pretty good the day before because of the thrush and is now almost completely fine after one dose, I have high hopes.

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