Lameness is Super Lame (Part 2)

I was quite a happy camper when I checked on Red yesterday.  Mom had went up ahead of time to feed with my step-father so they could see if the water was frozen and do some random work, and she said he was much better but she thought the thrush medication stung his hoof a bit at first because he was slightly more gimpy afterwards. I was planning on going up anyways because we’re still giving him bute and I needed to give him his dose. The farrier said that he would just take him off of the bute whenever we feel like he’s over it, since his hoof may still be sensitive for awhile we don’t want him to be in pain before the thrush meds really start working. Red is apparently extremely picky when it comes to medication (although he does love wormers….what in the world horse) so we had to mix it up with apple sauce.

this was after princess pony sneezed in my hair and smeared applesauce all over me. hence my face.

His limp is now 99% better, barely noticeable (thank youuuu Godddd) and he was feeling pretty decent considering he was a total spitfire while I tried making him eat his bute/applesauce. He was not pleased with the taste apparently, which made him decide to just walk around in circles around me and try to get to his hay. I finally put a tiny scoop of grain in it along with a couple mashed up treats and he ate it right up. Picky horsey.

Then, naturally, I let him go and he went peacefully by the other two horses, right back to his hay pile that was a good 40 feet away from Jubilee…and evil mareface decided to charge him while Spirit was trying to inspect the bowl in my hands. I swatted Spirit away in enough time to yell at Jubilee for being evil. It did allow me to see Red’s trot though, which is slightly gimpier than his walk which I expected, but nothing bad and he didn’t seem to be in any more pain when he trotted.

best selfie I could get with Mr. Wild Horse. “I WANT HAY MOM”

Now…we just pray for no rain or snow 😉


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