Lameness is Super Lame.

On Tuesday, we went up to the barn to feed and wait for the farrier and I was welcomed with a sight that I absolutely despise…

My horse. Hobbling around. Refusing to put any weight at all on one of his legs.

Red, knock on wood, has been extremely sound in the 2+ years that I’ve had him. He’s a tough boy and generally doesn’t get into any trouble to hurt himself, so when I see him lame at all, I tend to freak out. He’s my baby, and after losing Shalom, I’m even more of an anxious freak when it comes to him. But I tried being positive…until I saw him try to walk. He was extremely lame. His head wasn’t bobbing, but you could tell that leg was seriously bothering him. Mom said she’s never had a horse limp like that. Cue the total freak out. Red tried following me, as he does every time I’m up there, and he could barely get to me. He would follow, then sit there. I ran to the barn to get Jubilee fixed up and tried to get my mind off of my lame horse (which failed, I cried the whole time until my farrier eased my mind a bit.) and I just barely heard him nicker while he continued following me, like “mom I’m trying to catch up but I can’ttttt”  While we waited, we checked his leg for heat or swelling, nothing at all. His leg wasn’t tender at all, which made me breathe a huge sigh of relief. I was positive that it was his leg, and my biggest worry was that something was broken. When I lifted his hoof, he was sensitive when I went to brush the dirt off.

Waiting for the farrier, you can see how he’s keeping his knee out and toe propped up instead of putting weight down normally.

Farrier got there and immediately said “What’s wrong with Red?” and we explained best we could. It seemed to come on suddenly, he was fine the day before, and we were up there fairly early in the day so it wasn’t like he was left there all day limping. The farrier took one look at his hoof and knew it was his hoof causing the issue, and diagnosed with him deep succulus thrush. This kind of surprised me, because every day after we feed, I clean his hooves and check them. He said that pretty much every horse around here is having issues because of the mud, and he probably was just a bit more soft in his frog and stepped on something hard. A piece of hoof around his frog had somehow folded over and was jabbing him in the soft area as well. How on earth this happened, I do not know. We weren’t late for a trimming, and his hooves have always been fine. I guess he just chipped it somehow.

He gave us recommendations on thrush medications and told us that bute wouldn’t hurt until we could get it which would be the next morning. After being trimmed and cleaned up, he was standing way better and walking better. We started him on the meds yesterday morning and his limping was 80% better, he was putting weight on it but still a bit gimpy. I haven’t seen him yet this morning, but we’re about to go out and check on him.

Getting trimmed.

so, here’s hoping this awful, muddy weather stops and gives us a break while he’s on the mend. 😛


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