Oh look…more snow.

It snowed again.

Since it’s been so icy on our backroads, we haven’t been able to drive up to the farm in almost 2 weeks, and even walking on them has been dangerous. Mom and my step-father have taken over the feeding job and I’ve been babysitting the kids while they take care of things. Plus, I’ve been sick with a probably infected tooth (but 100% better now, just waiting for a dentist appointment.) so needless to say I haven’t been to the barn since…I don’t even want to think about how long. And my last visit was about 20 minutes long at the longest, so I’ve been itching for some time with my boy. So mom and I ventured out to the barn and were finally able TO DRIVE THERE(!!!!!!) for the first time in like 2 weeks. No ice. Woohoo!!

I kind of expected him to be like-

But instead, in true Red-form, he was all-

And perked his ears up and let out the cutest little whinny ever and followed me for the whole entire time I was there. It made taking photos of him difficult (I have like no snow photos of him and that’s not okay) but hey, having a pony nose in my face is worth it so

*turns around* oh hello.

He’s still extremely chubby, quite fluffy and I noticed something today…something I trust even more than a groundhog..


I always miss his cute stripe and snip, though.I was hoping it would stick around, but alas, it’s going away. Oh well.

I let him follow me out in the front pasture where we normally do our majority of work and he followed me there like “okay yay” and I snapped some photos while he took random breaks and stalked the cat. Kitty doesn’t appreciate Red’s desire to snuggle, so he would hiss at him and Red would come back to me all sad-like. Mom laughed at his puppy-like behavior while he chased me around the pasture. Lazy pony even did a bit of a trot when I ran off and caught up with me. She also stuffed his face full of treats because, and I quote, “He’s too cute not to spoil.”

Agreed mom, agreed.

His weight has held up perfectly this winter IMO. Obviously I’d like more muscle, but his hindquarters, neck and chest are still pretty hard with muscle, and there’s no sign of cellulite this year (; We haven’t ridden in quite awhile because of the mud, snow, ice, stolen saddles…here’s to things drying up soon.

He’s standing on a slight hill in this.

Jubilee and Spirit are doing good as well! (: Now time to get back in the saddle..hopefully soon.


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