Everything is Frozen.

I feel slightly guilty about complaining considering a lot of you all live in the North and are currently being buried under a heck of a lot of snow…but Tennessee kind of sucks right now. We were hit with an ice storm and I’m shocked that our power didn’t go out. Some family have lost power and moved to hotels for the time being because of how cold it is. Everything is slick, dangerous and icy. Snow is one thing, but pure ice is another. Luckily, we did get a good enough coating of snow so we were able to have the horses turned out without them sliding. We went up throw hay this morning and walked to the farm, it was so cold that I lost breath and literally almost had an asthma attack. Fun fact, my family is very prone to getting overheated in crazy situations (apparently my body can get too hot even when it’s like 5 degrees.) so I ended up spending 10 minutes sitting, about to pass out from the cold bitter air attached to the feeling of being overheated. I took off a few layers of coats and was fine, but Red seemed very confused and stared at me while I sat in the middle of the pasture without saying hello to him, lol.

*spoiler alert, I’m totally fine but I told my mother that I hate my genetics and want a refund.

I snapped a few photos at the barn, but I’ll share those later. A few people have asked how the mini’s are doing, so here’s a bit of an update on them. I turned them out in the snow today once it warmed up a bit more and I was over my little episode and worked with them. Cowboy is literally obsessed with snow, and Halfpint has never gotten to play in it before, so I thought it would be fun. Cowboy, despite his faults, is excellent at free lunging and knows his cues very well. All I have to do is cluck for a trot, kiss for a canter, and he’s off.

Cowboy has mastered leaping into a canter from a standstill.

Cowboy ran around for a little while while Halfpint stayed snuggled with his head buried in my legs. I’m 99% sure that he thinks he’s a dog and has to be with me 24/7. He only wanted to play with me, refused to do anything with Cowboy, and just chilled out. He’s so well-behaved, though.

Cowboy was literally trotting around behind me when I took this. Halfpint is my stalker.

After awhile Cowboy decided to see if he could find some grass under the snow, so Halfpint and I worked a little. AKA, he chased me around while our mailwoman stopped at a mailbox and laughed hysterically. (quote from mailwoman “I THOUGHT IT WAS A DOG BUT IT’S NOT”) Halfpint was having a blast in the snow. He would definitely rather work with a human and have no company, he kept eyeing Cowboy and making sure we were still alone.

He was trotting next to me. Poor little dude can’t keep up.
shaking his head, lol!

I’m pretty sure he’s my favorite horse that I’ll ever, ever rescue. Can’t get much cuter than a 29 inch tall yellow furball. Mom and I have already tried to figure out how to bring him in the house during one of the colder nights..

6 thoughts on “Everything is Frozen.”

  1. Oh they are ADORABLE! And only 29″ inches? Sheesh, my dog is about that height! Haha

    Lucky you! We didn’t get a flake of snow, just ice. Guess the snow didn’t come far enough south. I’ve grumbled all winter that if it has to be this cold in southern Tennessee, then I at least want snow to make it enjoyable! LOL


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