First Roping Lesson

I scheduled my first roping lesson on Saturday after meeting the farrier/trainer with a friend. My friend uses him as a farrier, and after a bit of talking I found out that the guy has been teaching some people how to rope. Roping trainers (especially good ones) are hard to come by in this area, so I jumped at the chance to have someone come out. Considering my first lesson ever (a completely different lesson but still) kind of tainted trainers and lessons in my mind, I was nervous but really excited to start doing something that I’m really interested in. And spoiler alert…

Jubilee in the background has had enough with my shenanigans

It was great.

Earlier than morning, I studied up on some things I knew I needed to work on and roped for about 35 minutes. My loop hasn’t been exactly desirable and it keeps wanting to figure 8 and tangle up, and my hand doesn’t stay in the position that it needs to be in. The guy showed me a few tricks and let me try his different ropes, I ended up doing the best with an extra soft calf rope. He gave me the name of a rope to try out so I’ll be ordering that soon. This is more of a recap for myself than anything, so ignore my lists, lol. He showed me a few things that I needed to start doing –

  • Keep my hand down, instead of my palm facing upwards and flicking my wrist, causing my rope to tangle.
  • Arms length between the honda.
  • Use a smaller loop, a bit shorter than body length, in order to catch the head more precise catch.
  • Keep square with the target.
Keep one foot in front further, note the arms length from the honda to my hand.

I think I improved a lot in the hour and a half or so that we practiced. I caught the head a lot more than I was before, and I found the length of loop that I need. I need to work on coiling it up and keeping it straight, as well as keeping my hand down and in the proper position. We’ll do as many lessons on the ground as needed, then work on bringing Red into the work. First we’ll start at a standstill, then gradually move up to speed. He said he’ll be happy to ride him first and see what his buttons are, etc etc. Everything went extremely well and I learned a ton. We’ll do another lesson in about a month or less. I’m eager to see how I improve in the next few months!

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