On The Mend

I’ve been fighting off a sinus infection for the past week and a half or so, and I’m finally starting to feel better. This whole headache every day thing is getting old. To make it even better, whenever I have sinus headaches, my ears and teeth hurt. I’ve been quite thankful for Tylenol, essential oils and finallyyyyy some allergy medicine that I can take that is gluten free. Today, I actually felt like doing something at the barn other than just feeding them. I mucked out Red’s stall while he ate and cleaned up the tack area a bit, and worked on some tricks for a few minutes. I would’ve spent longer up there but it was freezing and we had to go grab some dinner. Red has definitely mastered the hug trick…

This was from yesterday, but the hugging pictures didn’t turn out from today. He now does it when I wrap my arms around his back (vocal cue is “hug me back”) and his head normally goes farther around my torso. The cue for this one is just “hug”

Today we practiced hugging more just because it’s his favorite trick/it’s adorable. Then we worked on smiling and stretching and this happened…

Red says, “If I do both tricks at the same time…do I get more treats?”

By the end of the evening he was smiling much better. He really likes doing these tricks. I think this Summer we’ll work on bowing and some other things. πŸ™‚ I’d love to teach him colors and etc as well. We also started on the kissing trick, where he brings his nose up to my cheek when I say “kiss” I use the treats+vocal commands the first couple of times, and then he’s great at doing them without. Smart pony. πŸ™‚ I never have to use treats for the hugging anymore and I think we’re close to doing the smiling and stretches without as well.

In other news, Jubilee decided to turn herself out with the boys a couple days ago. Yes, mare-face kicked the stall gate and knocked it off of the hinges. She’s fine, Red is fine, but Spirit got quite bruised up. We didn’t see it happen but we got out there early in the morning and we doubt she was out long. Spirit and her definitely had some fights but Red and her seem to get along fairly well. So far no mishaps and Spirit is back to his quirky, jerky Appaloosa self. πŸ˜‰ They have arguments a lot but they’ve really started to get along better in the last day or so. Jubilee is doing really well, although we are still kind of concerned about pregnancy so we’re having the vet out again in the next little while. Her belly looks better I think, but I’m just not sure…hopefully no baby.

On Sunday we’ll have had her for 3 weeks and I’ll post conformation photos from each week to see how she’s changed. Can’t wait for Summer and to see a fat mare!

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