Look At All The Places I’ve Beennn.

Where have I been, you ask? Well, a sinus infection has plagued me since about a week ago, and my head has felt like it’s going to explode at random times. Pair this on with my gluten intolerance, I’ve barely been able to take any medicine because APPARENTLY LIKE EVERY COLD MEDICINE AND ALLERGY MEDICINE HAS GLUTEN. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE. I started a triple antibiotic ointment andddddd a steroid nose spray annddddd I bought a bottle of Tylenol and a box of tissues yesterday so here’s hoping for no doctor visits. I have no time nor the effort. My sister also had her 5th baby, her 4th baby boy, yesterday morning so the fam and I have been babysitting her other 4 children while she’s at the hospital recovering. Mom and I did manage to sneak in a, uh…like 5 hour visit last night and cuddle with the new baby. I say sneak very lightly, we basically ran off as soon as her husband got their kids home and almost stayed the night because OH MY GOSH baby and ya know my sister was alone. So help, of course. And babies.

Nothing new. Obviously no riding this week. Even if I did have a saddle with a girth, latigo, etc, the mud would stop me. The ground is downright dangerous in this weather which is annoying because we’ve really been having some nice temperatures all things considered. The boys and Jubilee are still separated by a fence. We’re nervous to turn out and want to do it when the weather is a bit nicer so if they decide to run or be crazy, they won’t slip on mud and break their necks. Over cautious maybe but I don’t think I could emotionally handle my clumsy Floridian horse breaking his leg on mud…

Chilling with me while I fill up the water trough. Muddy horse is muddy. Muddy horse was SPOTLESS yesterday. Thank you, muddy horse.

Red and Spirit are both great, fat and happy. Red’s been a bit of a barn sour turkey but I don’t blame him, he misses his stall and main pasture and hanging out with us while we’re up there. He and Jubilee are by far the clingy horses and want to be with us pretty much 24/7 when we get to the barn, so Red hasn’t been wanting to be turned out. Mom hates this and so do I, we really need to put them all together. If it wasn’t for Spirit we would’ve by now. Jerk pony is true to his jerkish personality and despises mom’s new mare. Jealousy much?

Skinny horse is skinny. But I think she’s actually put on some weight in the almost 3 weeks that we’ve had her.

Jubilee’s belly looks much better. Isn’t as hard and it isn’t dropped down like it was before. The vet told us to try corn oil for her weight so we tried that until she got way too hot and hyped with it, then we decided to use it sparingly…she’s still such a little old lady. We’re planning on riding her come Summer.


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