Time for Saddle Shopping…again.

Yesterday morning, mom and I went up to feed the horses and I noticed something odd…our saddles were gone. Just our two personal saddles. Tools were left there, the other saddles that we don’t use were left, bridles, halters, bits, you name it, were still there. Someone stole our two personal saddles, and we are 99.9% positive that we know precisely who did it. I won’t get into much detail on that, but police are involved and we’re sick over it. I don’t care about my tack – as long as my horses are healthy and safe (which they are) I’m okay. But the fact that someone close to me, who knows me and knows what those saddles meant, would take them just out of spite, sickens me. I worked my butt off for those things, and boom, gone. I’m doubtful that they’ll ever turn up again, so now I get to go saddle shopping.

Just a lovely way to start 2015…

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