The Bad Days

We’ve been hit by a giant heat wave and I’m pretty much a happy camper. It’s been in the upper 50s-60’s this week so I’ve been craving some good horse time. I had planned on riding yesterday, but that fell through because we were so busy, so I settled for some groundwork. Red was terrible, but it wasn’t exactly his fault. I was in a bad mood and impatient, plus he knew it was time for dinner. We tried to lunge a little and work on ground tying and a few other things, but once I realized we were both impatient with each other, we ended on a good note with a little walk around the pasture and then he ate dinner while I groomed him. I spent a little time with Jubilee as well, medicated her rain rot and gave her a big groom down. Today, I was determined to make up for the bad day yesterday. We went up, fed Jubilee first and mom brushed her tail out – it was full of burrs and matted, so that was a fun job, lol. Then, we turned the boys out and let them gallop around for a few minutes and stalled them up.

all four hooves off the ground!

We let them eat and I brushed Red out, again. Somehow, he’s never really dirty per say, but he stays so dusty and it drives me insane. Put some detangler in his tail and mane, then put on his halter and lead and took a little walk. Once again, meant to ride, but the day turned crazy. But still, it was nice to have a good day of groundwork after our not-so-great-one yesterday. We walked around the trails and just chilled out. Later on a neighbors dog joined us, lol. I attempted to take some conformation shots since he was groomed already and already had on his nice halter, but uh, Red didn’t really want to stand still. All I managed to get was a whole lot of blurred photos and a few with his head shoved in the camera. That being said, I may have no photographic proof but he looks really good considering it’s winter.

“mmm, stand still while you take pictures? naw I’m too derpy.”
old dirt road.

I decided to work some on backing up and side-passing, two of his least favorite things. He is not good at backing up, at all. We’ve even had the vet look at him and see if maybe his arthritis is hurting him when he tries to, but she said she didn’t see anything that would cause him pain or any reason that he would refuse other than two things – he’s stubborn, or he just doesn’t know how and hasn’t been trained to do it. This evening, I whipped out his favorite treats and what do ya know, first try, he backs up like a dream and side-passes to with a tiny little tap with the lead. And he did it several times before I gave him a rest and let him have a treat.

What. A. Ham.

Seriously, I even made mom watch. No treat? “naw I’m not gonna back up.” Treat? “YES I LOVE BACKING UP!”

I got him to ground tie pretty well too by the end of the evening and it went pretty well. Then mom took some pictures for us. ๐Ÿ™‚

Being a good boy even though Spirit was running around in the pasture next to us. ๐Ÿ™‚

And then…this happened…

“if I cuddle do I get more treats or no”

I’m going to try to ride tomorrow, even if it’s just a short bareback hack. If not, I’ll probably do some light lunging. Vet’s coming back out on Wednesday to give Jubilee her shots and check her stomach out again. Still hoping for not pregnant, we’re seeing a lot of movement in there.


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