Farrier Day!

Yesterday was farrier day. He came out about an hour after we normally feed, so we pushed back feeding right before he came so the horses would be chill. Jubilee got her meal a little later than we had hoped but it was a good test for her in the long run to see how she’d do with the farrier while she knew it was dinnertime and see if it effects her easy going attitude. First, we turned the boys out in the main pasture to get them stalled. They got to say hello nose-to-nose for a minute as well. The boys were very…ahem…energetic, like they always are in the evenings. I got videos that I’ll figure out how to attach. (oh wordress, I love you, but sometimes I am confused.) Can you tell they are liking the weather and haven’t been worked in awhile? Dang mud.

They look mad with the pinned ears, I think they were fussing with each other 😉
Red lags behind Spirit to avoid being kicked by a feisty Spirit.

Totally not gonna lie, I have more photos, but I’ll save them for later so I don’t ruin this post, lol.

First things first, we walked Jubilee out of her round pen when Farrier got there and let him get to know her. He said he liked her just at first glance and she seemed calm and like she was listening well to him. He trimmed the fronts and said she has some pretty bad thrush and told us what to do for it. Not a huge surprise, every horse I know around here has thrush so I figured our herd would have it, too. She did great for all four hooves but was a little touchy with her hind legs, he said he would bet she just has a bit of arthritis like Red like we knew already. So she gets started on joint supplements, for sure. Our neighbor (who owns the Quarab across the street) came over to meet her and the Farrier as well. Once she was done, we put her up and fed her.

Spirit was next, he went through the fronts perfectly but then he started acting terrible in the hinds and wanting to kick out like normal. So we did a few tests on him, tried to figure out what was wrong, and we think we’ve figured it out – it seems like his back end is a bit out of place and he needs a chiro. Just another bill, of course. We’ll do it if he needs it for sure. Farrier kept his hind legs lower than normal and he did much better because there wasn’t as much strain on his hinds. Other than him obviously hurting a bit, he did fine and trotted back in his stall. He also has a bit of thrush.

Then I got Red out, who we had bragged about before. J, the neighbor, has heard a lot about how well-behaved he is so I was hoping he’d be perfect like always.. 😉 Not much to say on him. He was totally great, a bit impatient on one hind because Jubilee was prancing around in her round pen and he stared at her the whole time. He doesn’t have thrush, I told Farrier that he was obviously the best horse here considering he never has anything wrong with him, no one disagreed. 😉 then we turned the boys back out and headed to the house for the mini’s. Cowboy did perfect as usual and Halfpint was a little feisty (he wanted to eat grass, not get his hooves done!) but good other than that. I think Halfpint is everyone’s favorite, lol.

In other news, we decided to put Cowboy up for sale most likely. Anyone want a satanic mini? Joking, he’s totally a cute and sweet dude, he just needs a home where people can work with him more. He needs a job and we don’t have time even though we really wish we did. Plus, he’s picking on Halfpint and being awful. He’s normally okay with other animals and just wants to play, but Halfpint is too little to really play hard and fight back when he wants to stop. 😛


2 thoughts on “Farrier Day!”

  1. I wish I could have Cowboy! I want a mini so bad, but I need another horse like I need a hole in my foot. I hope he finds a great home. I’m glad everyone was good for their hooves. Do Jubilee’s look much better or are they going to take a few trims to get back to normal?


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