Vet Day for Jubilee!

*if this post is jumbled and just confusing, I blame it on crazy children behind me, me being exhausted, and done with life after finishing SO MANY TESTS.

The vet came out to see Jubilee today! Jubilee has been settling in very well, although Spirit isn’t a big fan of her quite yet. She’s been either stalled or in her round pen, so she hasn’t been turned out with the other horses yet. The vet says she would wait for a little while longer, so wait we shall. The vet gave her a pretty clean bill of health, no other issues that we see as of yet other than her weight. Her rain rot is terrible but that’s treatable. I do think she may have a touch of arthritis, but that’s also treatable. She ran a few tests and just gave her a look-over. She said that she would put her right at 20 years old at the oldest, maybe 19. So, she’s an older gal. The  vet said that she could very well see her living a very long life with us and not to worry about the age right now considering she seems to be pretty tough. We were concerned about pregnancy, but she wouldn’t do a test because of how cold it has been and how under the weather she is. She advised us to wait a few weeks to a month to see how she changes and then if we are still concerned, she’ll come out again. It wouldn’t be fair to put her through so many things right now as soon as she gets home. She did say that she didn’t think she was pregnant at all. We will wait and see!

The vet said she thinks we’ll have a really, really nice horse in a few months. (and that she has the prettiest TWH head she’s ever seen. Just sayin’.)

She’s still a total doll. Very, very sweet and I haven’t seen any bad habits yet. She’s definitely all mare and dislikes Spirit a lot. But Red is already getting protective over her which is what I was hoping would happen. Any time Spirit starts bugging her, Red gets in between the gate and Spirit and she calms down. I think they’ll buddy up for sure.

Also, Ann and John from our old barn came by to meet her today. I spent awhile grooming her and getting the tangles out of her mane. I got over halfway done with her mane before giving up for the night, she did so well and stood still for me and really seemed to enjoy being loved on. Her mane is below her shoulder in some places and I love it, but man it takes awhile to get cleaned up! Once we were done with her, we put her back in the stall and let the boys back into the main pasture. Red and I were standing in the bottom pasture and he was eating his hay when Ann called “Redman!!” He looked up and you could see his whole face light up when he realized who it was. He pricked his ears forward and took off trotting to her all excited. It was so precious to see how he remembered her.

Once he checked her over, he went back to me and pestered me until I loved on him. Such a goof.

The farrier will be out on Friday, hopefully riding on Saturday. It’s been a crazy week and I need to be back in the saddle!


6 thoughts on “Vet Day for Jubilee!”

  1. Yay for a good vet check!! I’m glad the vet doesn’t think she’s pregnant. That would be so sad for a horse her age and in her condition to be pregnant. I’m so excited to see how she will look in a month. She’s already as cute as can be!


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