Jubilee is Home!

Welcome home to our newest rescue! She trailered very well and unloaded perfectly. She’s been the perfect lady thus far. We set up our round pen for her so she can be in a safe, large place away from the horses for a little while so we can ease her into the herd, but judging by how everyone has acted so far, I think everyone will get along great. The boys have been great. We stalled her tonight and then let the boys touch noses with her from the outside and all they wanted to do is look and greet her, then walked off like no big deal. She’s obviously very excited about her salt block and has devoured that thing, lol. She’s eating great (we’re easing her into feed, of course) and drinking well. Everything looks good right now. She does have a bad case of rain rot but that’s treatable. Our main focus right now will be weight and hooves, and making sure she’s getting all of the vitamins that she needs.

Pretty girl backed right out, very calm even though Spirit was whinnying like a crazy man. “OH MY GOSH MARE I SMELL MARE HAHAIHEHEOH MARES!”
Looking shaggy.

We switched out her halter with the new one we bought her. We still want to get a few different colors other than purple. She wears a medium so Red and Spirit’s won’t fit. I like different options. 😉 And we need to get her a better lead. Right now she won’t get to share the boy’s things because of rain rot and etc. She was perfect and ground tied while we put her new one on.

Pretty in purple! She has rabbit ears!

Took her to the round pen and she went straight to picking whatever’s left on the ground. She was happy just to have someone loving on her. I sat up there for awhile, showed her where the water was, then went to the barn and grabbed her food, and a brush and mane comb. We started her very lightly today with feed (can’t remember exacts..poop.) and consulted with a few different people and everyone said we’re starting her out great with food amounts. I gave her the pan, shuffled it around, even took it away for a few seconds to see what she would do and she just looked at me like “okay…” definitely no food aggression or anything there. She ate and I groomed what I could. Her mane was too messy so I need to spray some detangler in it tomorrow, tail looked pretty decent and her coat is still dusty but way cleaner when I finished. She definitely enjoyed the grooming time and after she finished eating she followed me for a little while then decided to try and find more grass. Once again she let me lift her hooves, mess with her and she was good. And she’s fine with being left alone up there and not concerned with the other horses at all whatsoever.

Love her dark black coat. she’s as jet black as they come.
fluffy horse is fluffy.

Vet is calling us back tomorrow and we’re scheduling a visit this week. Farrier comes on Friday. She’s definitely due for a good trim. Eager to see how she acts considering she was sored. I figure it could go both ways  – she could be perfect or terrified. On another note, I’m very interested to see what vet thinks about age. Her teeth do not look 18+ at all, they look much younger to us. Time will tell, I don’t mind her being 18 bu I need accuracy. Tomorrow is her big grooming day as long as we’re not rained out and I’ll try to get really good conformation shots. We’ll be doing monthly photos.

I ♥her head.

5 thoughts on “Jubilee is Home!”

  1. She’s so cute in all of her shaggyness!! She’s going to be drop dead gorgeous once she’s fat, shiny and healthy again. I’m so happy for you guys!! Be sure to drop your brushes in a bucket of bleach and water between grooming sessions so you don’t spread it to other parts of her body. Rain rot is so annoying and gross. It clears up quickly though. I’m glad you’re keeping her away from the boys until it’s gone and she’s dewormed. 😀 I’m so excited and I can’t wait to see how she does in her new loving home.


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