Well, I was going to wait but I’m sitting here alone in my house and have time to type up a good post, and when does that happen? Plus…I’m impatient. So y’all get the news before most of anyone else other than a few really close friends. Meet Jubilee, our newest addition to the herd.

We went to go meet her and the gelding I talked about a couple days ago and we fell in love kind of tentatively. As you all know, losing Shalom, our last rescue, literally nearly killed us. I’ve never experienced anything that has hurt like that. Shalom was our warhorse and my first big rescue. After we lost him, we weren’t sure if we ever wanted to rescue again. Yes, we need people to rescue…but what else could we take? Enter Jubilee.

My friend got her at an auction. She was most likely heading to the slaughter house to become dog food at this point and they picked her up and they couldn’t really take on another, so here we are. She’s a jet black TWH with two tiny little white spots on her hinds, and a small star. She is approx 18 years old (but judging by her teeth, I’m going to say 15-18) and we’re having the vet out this week to check her over, do bloodwork, give shots, update coggins, check her teeth, etc. Everything we can do, we’re doing it. First things first is a test on her manure. I’m 99% sure she has a parasite of some sort judging by her weight and how she’s lost, how her coat looks, etc. All of the things that we’ll be doing first is affordable and not too bad. I’m willing to bet that 99% of her problems can be fixed with groceries and a good wormer from our vet. She’s a total sweetheart. We know that she’s been sored. She had weights, chains and the works on her hooves. She is precious. Very laidback with the horses and just doesn’t want to fight and very loving with people. If you’re talking to her or touching her, she’s happy and content. We took her blanket off and put her in the round pen, picked her feet, checked for ulcers and etc, messed with her ears and anything else to see if she would have any kind of aggressive traits at all, and nothing. I’m not concerned at all about personality and riding once she’s in good shape.

I didn’t get many photos yesterday, but she is quite thin. She needs a lot of groceries, a lot. So she’ll be a work in progress. We’ll ease her onto feed and supplements, give her everything we can.

And Lord willing she’ll be sittin’ pretty in my pasture this evening after church if my friend has time to haul her for us. If not today, then tomorrow. But we’re hoping for today because I don’t want her to have to haul in the rain or have her first day here crazy because of rain. We’re setting up the round pen for her as soon as my folks get home from church and getting last minute things. And a halter because we have none that would fit her. For a TWH, she sure does have a petite cute little head. I kid you not, she has a dish in her face like an Arab. ♥ (pretty sure that’s what made mom so excited, lol.) She’s going to be a looker with some pounds.

We renamed her to Jubilee from Lucky B as sort of a dedication to Shalom’s life. As you all know, my family is very religious (Christians) so the hebrew type names are pretty special. We wanted to name her something with meaning, and what better than Jubilee? It literally means a celebration of something, and she’s our little celebration of Shalom’s life.

#liveforshalom. 2005-2014.


5 thoughts on “Introducing…Jubilee!”

  1. She’s adorable!! She’s going to be gorgeous when you get her healthy again!! Please get her hooves done ASAP! They look awful. Poor girl. I’m so happy you guys rescued her. I can’t wait to learn more about her. I like the name you chose too.


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