TOABH Blog-Hop: Fave

Before I begin, I want to say how excited I am for tomorrow. We’re looking at that mare and gelding I kind of hinted at in my last post, and I’m very eager to meet them both and see what we think. No pictures until tomorrow, when I know for sure. But I’m feeling very good about the mare, as is mother. Woot woot! Secondly, I’m continuing the Natural Horsemanship series ASAP, our keyboard decided to go insane on us after I spilled pepsi all over it totally randomly, so I just now got a way to type. 😛

Moving on, blog hop time.

What is your horse’s absolute favorite thing?  Outside of riding!  Are there treats that instantly convert your pony into an addict or liniments that leave him yawning and chewing?  What does your horse just love to have?

Red is obsessed with anything carrot. I discovered this last Summer when I was given some carrot/brown sugar treats and he literally went insane. He doesn’t get treats often because he has a tendency to get too mouthy (not really a biter at all but he’s too interested in my pockets, lol) but if I ever need to bribe him…carrots.

He also loves to have his face rubbed (t-touch style, like a massage.) and to be cuddled. He loves hugs, and yes, he’ll hug you back. He loves for people to stand next to him so he can use your shoulder as a headrest.


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