Meanwhile…it’s 7 degrees.

We’re in the middle of an awful freeze and I’m very unhappy. 30 degrees? I’m warm, no biggie. 20 degrees? Sure, I’m fine. 15 degrees? Nbg. But no. 7 degrees, I can not do. We’re blanketing the horses this evening when we feed because it’s going to be terrible tonight, it’s in the upper 20’s now and their fine, but geeze it’s cold. And muddy. No riding for…awhile. But Red is still adorable and he’s being super sweet and cuddly in the last few days. Ugh I want to ride. Also, I am in love with Cowboy Magic – I sprayed some of that stuff in Red’s mane like a week ago to detangle it, his mane always stays disgusting and muddy and tangled, so I don’t even know why I bother to comb it. Anywho, combed it out yesterday and it was so clean and smooth and combed right out like I’d been putting conditioner in it. Thank youuuuu Cowboy Magic. Also, his coat is still clean and shiny from when I sprayed it like a week and a half ago.

This was before I brushed him and literally the only dirty spot was on his leg and face. SO SMOOTH
cute cute cute.

We haven’t done much groundwork this week but Red’s been in a constant join up/follow up mode. Following me to the barn nicely, even if I have work stuff in hand(groundwork halter, whip, lead, whatever.) and when Spirit literally goes insane and does a full out gallop to the barn and kicking the whole way. (Spirit says YAY WINTER I LOVE THIS! Red says…winter I hate this kill me now kthnx.) Jokes, Red just doesn’t care about weather as long as he gets food. He has the thickest coat thus far and hasn’t even shivered at all.

Spirit stop running to the barn kthnx.

We’re also looking at two horses on Saturday and probably bringing one of them home, yay. 😉


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