The Bloopers….

Yesterday, I began the first part of a series that I have been planning and keeping under wraps a little. Before letting y’all know about it, I wanted to have posts planned along with other things and people to help me out with it. Starting later today, I’m beginning a Natural Horsemanship Blog Series! This series will include tips on how to begin NH, along with exploring some of the most important things about it. Yesterday was the tentative beginning, about a very popular thing in NH, laying a horse down or being able to lay down with your horse, and of course, trust. But what I didn’t include yesterday…are the bloopers. 😉 Here are some bloopers from yesterday’s post and NH endeavor at the farm.

Red says, “oh hey mom you look sad, let me just put my head on your shoulder whilst I drool occasionally. NBG that’s what I’m here for, bro.”
Spirit decides that this is a perfect time to roll and get up (when my step-dad walked inside the pasture.) luckily, Red behaved and stayed put while he almost got kicked and I got out of the way. 😉
After I got up, I decided to make him stand square really quickly for a nice conformation shot for January since I had my phone camera ready and he was being so nice. Of course, Red decided that, “meh, I’ll just roll around.” and I got this instead.
“Oh, you’re still taking pictures? Let me just yawn nonstop until you leave.

1 thought on “The Bloopers….”

  1. Cute pictures!!!! Be careful asking him to get up. If you ask him to get up every time he lets you approach him while he’s laying down he will start to anticipate and he’ll get up before you ever get to him. I had that problem when Chrome started letting me approach him laying down because I would feed him afterward and he’d have to get up. He started expecting to be fed and stopped letting me approach him because he was up and at his feed dish before I could get to him. So now I never ask him to get up. I’ll love on him, give him a treat and I make sure to leave before he decides to get up. I’m not trying to butt in, just warning you about what happened when I did that with Chrome!!! Reward him while he’s laying down and you be the one to leave before he gets up. That keeps it rewarding and relaxing for them. 😀


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