Seeking Success.

The year of 2015 is going to be my year. Well, we’ll say ours, considering Red is going to be heavily involved. This coming year, we’re going to kick butt. Having them home means that, come better weather, I will be able to train at least 2-3 times a week. Once we have our round pen up (which is happening very soon, yay.) I’ll be able to start pretty hardcore. Our major focus is most definitely roping, but I don’t expect us to be expert ropers by the middle to end of 2015. That will take time, a lot of it, but I am hoping that by the end of next year, we’ll be well on our way to possibly competing at local rodeos just to get the experience. That is my long-term goal. So, in honor of January coming quickly, here are my plans and goals for 2015. (and some inspirational quotes+cute pictures of the horses from today. Because I suck at making fancy stuff for posts like this.)

  • Start working Red into a bit. Mom is actually quite excited about working on this with me. We’re taking this as slow as possible because we’re not going to push him into something he can’t do, but I think that he can get there if we work at a good pace. I’m thinking of using a sweet bit so he learns to enjoy the taste and not fear.
  • Start roping off of Red at a walk/trot. Not concerned about the canter right now, we need to work on that before roping off of that speed. But at his walk/trot, we should be able to do it and succeed with a lot of time and patience. He’s perfection at a standstill and we’ve done a little bit of trot-work so far with the rope, and he’s been totally calm and into it. I’ve gotten much better at roping and no longer fear smacking him in the face while we rope. So yay.
  • Work on his canter. His canter needs to improve – he collects himself great at the trot now, finally, but his canter is still very rough and he does need to slow down a bit and collect. Mom gets to help with this a lot as well, woohoo for her! 😉

  • Work on my EQ. Mostly my legs, to be honest. I need to do a lot of work on my heels, maybe adjust stirrups or something. If that doesn’t help, I’ll go back to trying different saddles. I’ve tried everything and my heels won’t stay down. Other than that, I feel like my EQ has improved a lot in the last few months but I definitely need to go to “heels down” bootcamp this Spring.
  • Start on trot poles/cavelettis. I’ve dabbled very lightly into this, Red does good with it and I feel like it could help him a lot with his trot and canter eventually.
  • Dabble in some pole bending/barrels. This is more of a silly little “goal” but it will happen. Mom’s excited to see what the Big Bay Horse can do considering his brothers are good at these things, and I think it’ll be fun to add new things into his work regime.
  • Do more bridleless/tackless riding. My ultimate goal would be to ride bridleless comfortably in one of our fenced pastures. Eventually, I would love to take it to the trails, but I know that’s a long way off. As long as we can start really working on leg pressure and getting Red used to the idea of no bridle, I’m cool.

Overall, my biggest goals are to continue working hard to better our future together. No matter if we never compete, I want to show everyone how amazing my horse is and how good we can be together. I want to give it my all because it’s something I’m very serious about. And of course, I want to continue that bond that I’ve established with Red in the last 2 years. Most of all, I just can’t wait for 2014 to be over. It’s been a hard year, but it’s been sweet at the same time. Tomorrow, I’ll be looking over the year of 2014 and remembering how it was. 🙂

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