Groundwork Time!

Decided to do some groundwork today over riding. We haven’t done any groundwork in forever and I’ve missed it, plus I had just gotten a new rope halter/lead (Clinton Anderson style, I think) and a lunge whip for Christmas(!!!) so I wanted to use them and do some grooming. I started off with Redman, who was being a total sweetheart. Stood perfectly while I figured out his halter and put it on and ground-tied while I set things up. We also totally listened to Dean Martin and Perry Como while working…he needs to get used to music while we work and I enjoy music/got a speaker so yay.

Coming to see me. 

Starting off, he was a little stubborn with lunging in a nice circle and wanting to follow me instead of walking, but we sorted that our quickly and he went into a really nice extended trot for me and a decent jog. We kept at it that for about 10 minutes and I let him canter some. It’s hard for me to keep him at a canter with the line because he’s so strong but I’m getting used to it now. I can’t wait until I have the round pen up so I can free-lunge. SO much easier lol.

After about 20 minutes most of just walk/trot we did join up. Red was perfect for that as per usual and settled right down and followed very well and copied some of my movements when I asked. He also ground-tied better than ever and let me groom him, spray him with some Cowboy Magic and work on the burrs in his tail. Normally he tries walking away so I was happy to see that he’s getting better with that!

We also worked on him listening to me when I ask for him to pick up his hooves because he stinks at that. It took awhile to get his one foot up (He knows hooves make me nervous and is stubborn.) but once I got the one up, he picked up the rest as soon as I asked. Slowly but surely.

It doesn’t sound like we accomplished much just by writing it but I really walked away with a good feeling. He’s doing so good with liberty. Hard to think that he was hard to catch before and you had to drag him around if you wanted him to follow. 🙂

Once I was done, I groomed Spirit. He’s so fidgety and nervous with stuff like that, like he expects us to hurt him. I took things slow and just touched him when he would come to me, didn’t force anything on him. Finally, we finished getting cleaned up and I went to leave the stall, he followed me out and continued following me around the pasture. He’s never done this so I was so excited. It took him awhile to relax with the lunging whip, I didn’t ask him to work at all but just showed it to him and touched him with it so he could get used to it. All in all, it was a successful day of just bonding and relaxing.

Then we went home and came back a little later to feed. Red was happy to see me even though we worked before so that’s a good sign 😉

Decent confo shot for the end of December. I think he looks really good considering we barely have any grass right now. Out of shape but that’s understandable.

Fed then I checked over his hair since I had tried the Cowboy Magic on him and wanted to make sure he didn’t have a reaction. All is good, and oh my gosh his hair is so shiny and soft now from that stuff and I’m in stinking love.

Weather is turning awful this week so probably no riding for a few days. We’ll stick to lunging maybe.


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