December’s 10 Questions

Day two of questionnaires. Don’t judge – this week will be the death of me, I’m sure. I have zero inspiration to put effort into a post right now, but I still want to post. Christmas is draining me this year. Scratch that, people are draining me this year.

1. What size horse do you prefer to ride? I’m really comfortable on Red (15hh-) but I was very comfortable on the 16hh+ horses I’ve ridden. I prefer to ride a taller horse as long as it’s not absolutely massive. Spirit feels a little too short for me and he’s around 13.3.

2. Do you school in tall boots or half chaps and paddock boots? Ha. Boots and jeans, my friends. I do love riding in my Ariat winter boots, as seen in my last post.

Man do i miss having spurs and the rains in my hand and just galloping as fast as i can

3. What do you do with your ribbons after shows? I don’t show, so no ribbons. I do love the little pillowcases that people make out of them though…hello Pinterest.

4. Do you ride/board at a large show barn or a small private barn? Small private family owned farm. πŸ™‚ Love owning our own place. Ivy Hills was also very small and private.

5. Have you ever seen a horse give birth? No. Bucket list item, as weird as that sounds. πŸ˜‰ #horseownersarecray

6. What is your favorite breed? I’ll always love Quarter Horses, Thoroughbred’s are a close second. I definitely owe Red and Shalom for hooking me on both breeds. Can’t beat the versatility.

Photo: Robin Duncan Photography  The Quarter Horse is extremely versatile, competing in practically every discipline and event.
photo by Robin Duncan Photography, English QH
Parkhill Quarter Horses Deming, NM Love Potion Number 9
Parkhill Quarter Horses Deming, NM Love Potion Number 9

7. Favorite tack brand? I honestly don’t care. I love my buffalo saddlery saddle so they would probably come in first place with western saddles above all of my other, many many saddles that I’ve had. My bridles are all no-names, as are 99% of my saddle pads. Whatever works.

8. Would you ever buy used tack? I’ve only bought like 2 things new, haha! I love buying used tack as long as it’s used lightly enough to be usable and it’s not disgusting. πŸ˜‰

9. Ever been on a carriage ride? Yes! Several times. Love it, but I always prefer to be on the actual horse. πŸ˜‰

10. How often do you go to the tack store? My tack store doubles as a feed store, so whenever they run out of grain. I don’t typically buy a lot from my local tack store because prices are steep and I prefer to buy used whenever I can.


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