TOABH Blog Hop!

It’s no secret, I love blog hops and I am obsessed fascinated with stalking my horse finding out cool things about his history, so I was supa excited when Beka from The Owls Approve started this hop in celebration of a very special pony’s 18th birthday.

History of the Horse
Before you met, where was your horse?  Who bred him/her?  What do you know about his sire and his dam?  What do you know where he came from?  Tell me about the time before he had a trainer.
Red has been in 3+ homes in the past 13 years, everywhere from Minnesota to Tennessee. He was bred by some really great people in Minnesota who breed quality farm/rodeo horses (roping, pole bending, barrel racing, cow-ponies) and I’ve been really lucky to have found out a lot of things and I’ve had some great conversations with his old owners and they’ve all said wonderful things about him and his history. I know the most about his sire, Big Step Son, who has sired the majority of their horses. He was an incredible stallion with a great personality, conformation, bloodlines, etc. Sadly, I don’t have any photos of him, but I do know Red’s grandfather rather well, Big Step.
As far as his dam goes, I don’t know much, but he does have two full brothers and one full sister and judging by the way they breed, I’m sure the dam was pretty nice considering they bred her back to the stud 4 times that I know of.  His dam is Jk Annelies, Sire is Big Step Son, not sure on full brothers names yet and his sisters name is Annes Last Step.
He was sold when he was around 4 years old, after they started him on poles, barrels, and completed most of his team roping training. I was told by one daughter of the breeder that she competed on him a few times and that he did really well. He was sold and somehow ended up at an auction in Florida, which doesn’t have the most raving reviews ever (apparently they have a habit of selling sick horses.) and Red’s harder part of his life began. He struggled with weight, personality, sweet itch, everything. Then, my aunt came along, traded a crazy Paint mare for him and brought the little diamond in the rough home, where he would stay for around 8-9 year, being used as a lesson horse who dabbled in Western Pleasure and Dressage. He began having attitude issues which were bit related and became the laziest horse ever.
And of course, I entered into his life in 2012, brought him home as soon as I could find someone to bring him to Tennessee, and we began our own journey. (And I’m 99% sure that somewhere along the way, someone stole lazy Red and replaced him with “I LOVE TO WORK YAY” Red because yeah. Big difference in ponyboy.)  I’ve been really excited to talk to his other owners because they seem like fantastic people, I can’t say the same about the auction owners though considering the reviews on it and knowing what my horse has the potential to look like vs. what I was told he looked like there.
Sadly, I have no foal pictures, nothing from when he competed or was in Minnesota, but oh well. I’m content with stories.

5 thoughts on “TOABH Blog Hop!”

  1. His grandsire is gorgeous! It’s great that you have a good working relationship with his old owners. I don’t have baby pictures, either, but it’s still pretty great to have photos of some of the bloodline.

    Thanks for participating!


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